Why Girls Reject You

Geplaatst op 2024-04-09

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All men get rejected. You do, I do and so do all the other men on this planet. Rejection is something absolutely normal for each one of us. There shouldn’t be so much deal and problems going on around it. It might hurt, for sure, but in the end is not something so terrible. It’s part of your learning experience.

Still, no one likes to be rejected. We all get angry and sad when we can’t have what we want – it makes sense. Nevertheless, though we all get rejected, some do much more than others. Why?


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In most cases, if not all, rejection has to do always with problems men have. Specifically, rejection can be classified under two possibilities:

1- She doesn’t like you enough.
2- She does like you, but likes another guy better.

Don’t break your head and suffer thinking too much why did she say no to you. If you are rejected, it is clearly because you fall in one of these two criteria. A wise man trying to get over it has to think about which mistakes he did and work hard so has they don’t happen again in the future. Common mistakes, which are all very simple, include:

Your first dates suck – The first couple of dates are very important. It’s where you have to show off your very best. It’s the time when she has to think that being with you could be a great choice. If you are boring, predictable and don’t make her have a nice and exciting time, you’ll certainly fail. If you want to have a good couple of first dates, read the articles here and here. They’ll be of great help.

You look too desperate – That’s a killer, it repeals women. Many men, dead for some girl, call her countless times, then write her messages all the time, speak to her every second they can and so on. Once you do this, start forgetting about her. If a girl feels you are completely owned, then she will take her time and take control of the situation. Don’t let her do that!

You are too slow – Don’t be desperate, but don’t be too slow either. Make her and other guys remember you are there. Don’t wait too long before calling, before setting up dates and don’t make the time between the meetings too long. Don’t let other guys take advantage! Show your intentions from the very beginning and act accordingly.

You are too boring – The site has dozens of articles helping you to be more attractive for women. I suggest you reading them all. There are more than three billion guys around in this planet and they all want women for themselves. If you want to succeed and get the most attractive ones, you got to be one of the most attractive men yourself. Get your value has high as it can get.


Still, even if you are rejected, you have to keep an abundance mentality. You might like one special girl but if she does not reciprocate your feelings, it’s better to move on. I don’t mean that you have to stop speaking with her and ignore her completely in the future. That’s not the idea. But you got to realize that what matters is your own happiness, and that cannot be achieved while you constantly suffer about one girl you can’t get.


In those cases it’s better to move on and find someone else. I believe in love and I understand that many times we can all become obsessed with someone and want just them and no one else. But the truth is that once you go out, see the world and meet different people you realize how many amazing personalities there are and, for sure, you can understand that the special ones are not just one or two, but many waiting for you to get to know them. Keep that in mind!